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Basic Information about Malta Companies

Type of Company

International Trading Company, International Holding Company.

Company Law


Companies Act 1995. All company, tax and maritime laws are modelled on their UK counterparts.

Capital requirement

Minimum issued share capital - Lm500, 20% paid up.
Minimum authorized share capital - Lm500.
Share capital may be denominated in any currency.

Classes of shares

Different kind of shares.

Restrictions on activity


Not allowed to undertake business in financial services, unless special consent or license is given. ITCs and IHCs should trade outside Malta. An ITC is a normal offshore company and its trading activities are carried out from Malta, but not in Malta. [more info]


Yes, but credits/refunds are given upon receipt of dividends, resulting in 0-10% tax in the hands of shareholders.

Malta Companies can request their tax status in advance and guarantee the tax position of the company for 5 years even if the tax legislation may change during that period.

[Malta Company Taxation]

Double Tax Treaties

Malta has an extensive network of double tax agreements.

Annual Returns


Annual Return filing fee

EUR120 - EUR585 depending on share capital.

Annual License Fee


Annual Financial Reporting

Yes, annual accounts must be submitted.

Registered Office & Registered Agent

A Registered Office must be maintained in Malta.

Company Secretary

Yes, must be a physical person and must be resident of Malta.


Minimum of one. Can be of any nationality and residence and can be a physical person or a corporate entity.


Minimum of two, or one in cases where shareholder is a company.

Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership

No, if a licensed nominee company is used.

Disclosure of shareholders


Disclosure of directors


Bearer shares


Exchange controls


Language of Name

Can be incorporated in Latin Alphabet.

Name restrictions

Any name which the Registrar considers undesirable, obscene or offensive and names such as royal or imperial, or which suggests the patronage of Malta government.

Language of corporate documentation


Timescale for incorporation

24 hour express service possible

Shelf companies possible


Legislation for Money Laundering Prevention


Suffixes to denote Limited Liability

Limited or Ltd.


Legal System Taxation System Law Firms Tax & Offshore Consultants Company Formation Agents Immigration Consultants

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