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Carsten Schaal
LL.M. (Leicester)
Legal Assistant

Gladbacher Strasse 62
40219 Duesseldorf

Mr. Schaal graduated in Law from the Universities of Bonn and Leicester, and also spent an academic semester at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland.


German, English, French


Practice Areas

  Mr. Schaal is a legal assistant at the Superior Court of Duesseldorf. Furthermore he specialized in International Commercial Law and German Administrative Law.

Latest Articles

The Electronic Bill of Lading: With Age Comes Maturity

The article was submitted to the University of Leicester as the final dissertation for the Master of Laws and was marked with distinction (72 points). The work deals with the modern form of bill of ladings: the electronic bill of lading. The article starts with the beginnings of the electronic bill back in the 1980s and comes up to the present time of 2003/2004. It compromises the technical aspects (encryption, decryption, algorithms, e-commerce) as well as the legal aspects and its accordance with UK-, EU- and other international statutes.

Mr. Schaal published an article on the copyright exceptions of the EU Directive 2001/29 in Sweet & Maxwell's Entertainment Law Review, 2003, 14 (5), 117-121.

Another article deals with the registration of smell trademarks in the European Union, discussing the latest decision of the European Court of Justice from December 2002. It can be found in the Lex e-Scripta Online Legal Journal, Intellectual Property Law.

Mr. Schaal's latest article discusses the electronic bill of lading.

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