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Gaming Law in Malta

Before we know it, Malta will become the number one jurisdiction for online betting and gaming world-wide. Malta offers exciting opportunities for new market entrants, with a well-regulated and beneficial tax environment.

Overview of Malta's package

  • Licences for casino-type games, betting, betting exchanges, gaming platforms, online casino, casino-style games and lotteries

  • Competitive licence fees and attractive corporate tax regime

  • Economic and political stability, membership in EU

  • Serious, credible, industry-specific regulation, ensuring players' trust in an operator licensed in Malta and reducing operators' exposure to fraud and money-laundering risks

  • High levels of professional services and reasonable professional fees and other costs

The 2004 Remote Gaming Regulations

In April 2004, the new Remote Gaming Regulations entered into force. If under the previous regulations, only online betting companies could be established, the new Regulations provide for a comprehensive list of licences for remote gaming that may be obtained in Malta. One can opt for a betting operation, a betting exchange, an online casino, casino-type games, a lottery, a bingo - a licence can be obtained for any of these operations. Moreover, licences for gaming platforms are also available. There are no limitations on a number of licences under the Remote Gaming Regulations.

The Regulations are already proving to be popular. In the past few months we have seen a keen interest from the interactive gaming industry in the Maltese gaming licences. The last few months have been especially popular with operators of casino-type games, as a licence to operate casinos is a new addition to the Malta licensing offer.

Malta's entry into the European Union has also played a very important in attracting remote gaming operators to Malta. In a difficult current situation for online gaming providers to the European market, when some countries heavily restrict or prohibit altogether the provision of remote gaming from abroad, being established in Malta for an operator means that the freedoms in the EU internal market, in particular, the freedom to provide cross-border services within the EU, apply to such operator.

Types of Licences

Class 1 Online Gaming License;

Class 2 Online betting office license or an online betting exchange office license;

Class 3 License to promote and abet gaming from Malta (includes betting exchanges & poker operations)

Class 4 License to host and manage online gaming operators, excluding the licensee himself.

Our services

We offer a comprehensive service - assisting and leading you through the whole process. Together with our partners, who are leading in this sector of activity, we can offer accounting, technical, hosting, legal, corporate, administrative and fiscal services.

  • Full Licensing and regulatory advice and assistance

  • Gaming Law Advice

  • Company formation, registration and back-office support

  • Technical advice and assistance, hosting services, maintenance services, bandwidth provision

  • ePayment and eCommerce solutions

  • Accounting and auditing services

  • Fiscal advice and assistance

  • Administrative and Back-office services

  • Advice and assistance in obtaining work permits in Malta

  • Compliance monitoring and assistance

Malta - EU Gaming Relations

Malta is in line with EU Directives related to gaming operations in Europe and to the freedom of establishment and the provision of cross-border services.

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